This eye-catching beetle shown here on Swamp Milkweed (asclepias incarnata) is the Swamp Milkweed Leaf-beetle (labidomera clivicollis). 

It is aposematically colored, which means it is a species that advertise their distastefulness by being brightly colored. 

This species displays the orange and black mimicry complex which includes the Monarch Butterflies. They feed on the leaves, stems, flowers and pollen of milkweed including Swamp and Common milkweed.

Tamra Sunby recently retired from the Monett School District as the Agriculture Instructor and FFA Advisor for twenty seven years. She joined the Chert Glades Chapter this year and attributes her interest in the Missouri Master Naturalist program to encouragement from Jeff Cantrell who has been an inspiration to her. 

Posted on August 17, 2016 .