No More! by Joyce Haynes

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With so many “No More!” type slogans these days, I am ready to add my own: “ No More Window Strikes!”  I am referring, of course, to bird collisions with windows.

We’ve all had birds hit our windows, and in the cities during migration the number of bird lives lost is devastating.  I’m not going to give statistics, but hopefully a cure to window kills.

I live in a house of windows, big windows that allow me to enjoy a nice view of the Elk River in McDonald County.  It has always come with a price though; window kills. I have tried so many things to deter the birds from my windows: stickers, CDs hung from strings, ribbons placed across the windows, fake owls etc.,  and none of these things have been a fool-proof cure.

bird crash preventer.JPG

My newest attempt is a product called Bird Crash Preventer by Santa Rosa National, and it works. Bird Crash Preventer is a curtain of mono-filament (fishing) line spaced 3” apart that covers the exterior of a window.  It is practically invisible to the human eye, but birds actually see it and avoid it!

There was no assembly required and the cost was very reasonable, at around $27.00 per window. This product is approved by the American Bird Conservatory, and I am so happy that the birds are keeping away from my windows! Now don’t have to feel terrible when I find dead birds below the windows. I just had to share this with my fellow naturalists, because now I can truthfully say, “No More Window Strikes!


Photos by Joyce Haynes and Becky Wylie

Posted on April 26, 2018 .