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Regular Monthly Meeting


Bring your table service and join us in an Italian dinner at 5:30.  Program to follow is :

Martin Bailey and Ron Howerton will be presenting on "ow to Grow Plants in Milk Jugs From Seed"

Items to bring

empty gallon jug without lid, - (milk jug or similar),something to cut with -  scissors, pin knife, box cutter, magic marker - permanent ink, tape - package tape, duct tape, something to make holes with - drill, ice pick, awl, potting soil or contribution for potting soil,seed - preferably something you would like to plant somewhere such as milkweed, coneflower, sunflower, etc.  Gloves.  It is recommended that your seed choices be ones that need cold stratification to improve your chances of a harvest.  (this tip thanks to Elaine Clark - a Master Gardener who may be joining us Monday night!)


Later Event: January 9
Regular Monthly Meeting