If you are not careful, you’ll catch the winter blahs. You know them, muscle aches, headaches, fatigue, and STRESS! It’s not the flu, but it is a sickness. Some people call it cabin fever, some use technical terms like Seasonal Affective Disorder. I call it TOO MUCH TIME INDOORS! But there is a cure. Take a nature walk. Get outside, regardless of the weather. Even fifteen minutes outside can cure the winter blahs. You will feel better.

Studies have shown that just being outdoors contributes to overall good health.  There are two kinds of benefits from getting outdoors.  The first is improvement in your cognitive thinking; clear your mind so you can think.  The second is an improvement in your mood.  A side effect is improvement in physical health.  Observing nature takes your mind off your troubles and relieves your stress.


There is a lot to see if you know where to look.   Even on an icy, rainy day, you can find treasures.  In a park, along a walking trail, or in your back yard, there are winter wonders waiting for you to discover. Droplets forming on limbs, bright blue seeds on a green cedar tree, and birds at your feeders. 



Walk along a stream and just listen to the soft rushing of the water.  Observe ducks or geese in a pond, they can be fun and hilarious to watch. Get far away from civilization and listen to the sounds of nature in winter.  A night time hike will open your eyes to the beauty and sounds of the night skies.


 Winter walks can be so peaceful!  It will restore you!

Studies have also shown that looking at pictures of natural scenes, while not the same as being there, can have calming affects.  Enjoy this slideshow of  pictures from members of our chapter who have been outside this winter, then make a commitment to getting outside to improve your physical fitness relieve your stress, and  get rid of the winter BLAHS!