Member Tom Danner received a special recognition award for achieving 2500 volunteer hours with the chapter. 


Joyce (On the right) with two of her MN friends at the opening of her show at the Antiquarium in Carthage Mo

Joyce (On the right) with two of her MN friends at the opening of her show at the Antiquarium in Carthage Mo

Why Tin?

I just started using tin as a medium this year.  I had some repairs done on my 100 year old barn and the old rusted tin was “talking” to me to reuse somehow!  I loved the way the rust made nice designs, and I loved all of the imperfections, indentations and holes in the tin. My first piece was simply a painting on a rusted square, so I tried making the piece more dimensional by cutting the tin and working it into shapes.  I titled this piece “Stands With Horses,” and from that point on the beauty of the Native Americans of the plains became my muse.

Why Art?

I knew from an early age that I liked being creative more than anything. My first sculpture was done at the age of five.  It was our family Volkswagen made out of adobe clay.  I think being creative is what makes us human, and without art there is no expression, no expansion of the mind.

Who am I?

I have worked as a commercial artist most of my adult life.  I have illustrated books, designed tee shirts, signs, and even newspapers.  Presently I have the liberty to produce fine art and enjoy having my own studio on my farm in Pineville, Mo. I am proud to be a Missouri Master Naturalist of the Chert Glades Chapter, and love being around like-minded conservationists.  I teach yoga and love being physically active.  The most Zen experience in my life is when I take my Shetland pony out for a carriage drive around the farm.  For me, the simple life is great!

Member Bonnie Hinman

Bonnie has been writing for many years and has forty ­four books in print. She first wrote articles and stories for both adults and children. In 1997 her first children’s book was published. 

Most of her books have been nonfiction titles written for the educational market.  Bonnie most recently has written a series about Keystone Species. The opportunity to write this series was the direct result of her training as a Missouri Master Naturalist. 

During training in 2014, Jeff Cantrell mentioned keystone species. This was an unfamiliar topic for Hinman but sounded like a good idea for a children’s book. Barbara Mitchell of Mitchell Lane Publishers agreed and assigned a six book series to Bonnie.  The series took about eight months to research and write and was published in October 2015. After much research the titles were grouped according to habitat. They include Keystone Species That Live in Deserts; Forests; Grasslands; Ponds, Streams, and  Wetlands; Mountains; and the Sea and Along the Coastline. 

Hinman signed up for the 2014 class in the fall of 2013 after reading about Missouri Master Naturalists. Bonnie grew up on a farm and had always loved being outside and learning about nature. However, science had not been her focus in college. The Missouri Master Naturalist program seemed like the perfect new interest for Hinman.  She says it turned out to be just the right decision as she has learned so much and met so many nice people. She looks forward to being an active member for many years to come. 



Over the last six years Becky and her husband have been lucky enough to visit Yellowstone National Park eight times.  They have experienced some special encounters while at their favorite national park.  Becky documents her amazing photographs of the area in her presentation, “Adventures in Yellowstone.” She has shared her presentation at Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center and the Ozark Gateway Audubon in Joplin, and recently at Greater Ozarks Audubon in Springfield.  

Becky's family and friends often remark on how "lucky" she is to get the special photos she captures.  Becky insists that to get good photos, one must "get out there."  Her favorite saying became a logo on a T-shirt, "Get Out There and Get Lucky."  

Becky has also put together and presented "Nature Photography Tips,” for people who want to learn how to take nature photos. Becky says, “I have always loved nature. When I got my first digital camera in December of 2002 it opened up a world of possibilities in capturing the natural world I loved. I especially love sharing our natural world with others.”

 You can find some of Becky’s photos in the 2016 Missouri Conservation Natural Events calendar on sale now. 




Members are restoring a section of the chert glade near the north entrance parking lot by planting native glade plants, removing invasive plants, and redistributing natural rock.  Two benches were donated by the chapter and built and installed by member Barry Charter. 

Barry Charter building one of the benches