Stella Missouri

January 28th, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

The Chert Glade Chapter of Missouri Master Naturalist, Missouri Department of Conservation, and the City of Stella will welcome eagle watchers to the small town of Stella, Missouri January 28th to observe eagles, our national emblem, in their natural habitat. 

Spotting scopes will be set up in Moses Eagle Park by Missouri Department of Conservation.  Master Naturalists will have a tent full of eagle information along with many activities at Veteran's Park.  Visitors can help build an eagle nest!  The City of Stella will provide hospitality with hot beverages at a local church, restrooms, and a quilt show.  


Eagles come south to Missouri to winter.  They start arriving in November and stay until March

There are about 20 nesting pairs in the area.  If eagles are still here in mid-March, then they are here to stay.

They eat and drink from the surrounding waters - Indian Creek, Shoal Creek, and the Elk River.  Their diets consist of waterfowl, fish and carrion.

Eagles are also looking for isolated areas for night roosts. 

SO. . .

Usually eagles will return to good winter areas year after year so the Stella population should continue.

IF WE. . .

protect our wonderful streams in the watershed and appreciate and defend the isolated roosting areas of the eagles.  The danger is pollution from pesticide and fertilizer runoff, because eagles can die from eating fish containing pesticides.  Eagles also suffer when their food sources do not survive the polluted condition of a stream



Posted on January 13, 2017 .